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Offer an amazing Experience Gift Box and let them select their pre-paid experience. Comes with 3 years validity.
Offer an amazing Experience Gift Box and let them select their pre-paid experience. Comes with 3 years validity.
50th birthday presents

50th Birthday Presents

Someone close to your heart is hitting the big 5-0 real soon and you are now looking for some 50th birthday present ideas for them. This can be tricky so we will help you put some thought into it.

For sure, the first thing that comes to mind would be to go the traditional way, right?

What is the traditional gift for a 50th birthday?

When it comes to milestone celebrations like a 50th birthday, most people would love to bring in a bit of tradition. A 50th, whether a birthday or any another occasion, is associated with gold. So perhaps you would think of giving them a gold jewelry, or a gold wine glass or anything in gold. But if we are not literally talking about that kind of “gold,” there are absolutely other ways where you can add the Midas touch.

What do you get someone who is turning 50?

With one foot just out of the forties, and the other foot not quite over the hill, 50-year-olds are definitely not alike - that’s what makes this golden age so interesting. Some still strive to be forever young, while others have settled into their skin, and still others are wondering who they are seeing in the mirror. Some are still so excited about a great journey ahead, some are already content with where they are currently, and others are cruising toward retirement. Some are celebrating, some are commiserating, and some are denying it all together.

Does any of these sound like the person you are celebrating?

If it is a yes, it is indeed a tough job to look for 50th birthday gift ideas for them, but with We Wander that’s not the case!

How can We Wander help you give special 50th birthday presents?

Give them a gift of a new experience to celebrate their birthday. Experience gifts are definitely more memorable than objects that can be easily forgotten, explains psychiatrist Neel Burton, M.D., in his "Psychology Today" article "How to Find the Perfect Gift."

With We Wander, you’re giving both a tangible present, as well as an experience gift.

It’s a beautifully packaged gift box, but it gives them an out of the box experience.

All boxes include four distinct categories of experiences: Wellness, Escape, Adventure and Lifestyle. There is no doubt that they will enjoy any of these no matter what type of 50-year-old they are, and they can even share it with their loved ones too. We Wander is truly a gift that can suit anyone. Plus, they can redeem the experience even until they're 53!

What should I get for my Mum’s 50th birthday?

Your 50-year-old mum or aunt, sister, best friend would surely love nothing but an exquisite and one-of-a-kind experience on her special day. Below are some of the most exciting 50th birthday gift ideas for mum and women, in general:


What are the best 50th birthday gift ideas for men?

Is your dad or brother or best friend turning 50? He has most likely mentioned something he would love to do and check off his bucket list, right? We got you Top 3 Experiences that will make great 50th birthday presents for him, all around Australia:

  1. Indulge him with a Premium Wine Experience for Two with The Wine Hub, available in the Bucket List Box.
  2. Make him enjoy the sunset while above the skies. Give him the Private Sunset Helicopter Flight, Champagne & Video for Two, in our Unique Gift Box.
  3. Have him escape the ordinary and have a 4WD adventure with the High Country 4WD Sunset Safari for Two, in our Ultimate Gift Box.


What should you get your wife for her 50th birthday?

As your wife or husband is turning 50, their golden birthday celebration should be paired with an unforgettable gift. Here are sweet experiences that will make your spouse’s golden birthday a memorable one:

  1. Gift your better half an Ultimate Dinner under the Stars, where you set foot on the tallest clifftop on Murray River in South Australia and enjoy a scrumptious dinner. This is available in our Moments of Wanderlust Gift Box.
  2. You can also start the day romantic with the Melbourne Sunrise Balloon Flight with Champagne Breakfast, which is in our Unique Gift Box.
  3. Delight yourselves with a 7 Course Dinner for Two at Eureka 89, available in our Unique Gift Box.
  4. If you would rather go private, enjoy the Exclusive Dining Experience with Amber Restaurant, available in our Moments of Wanderlust Gift Box.
  5. 50 long years is no joke. Make sure you get the time to chill. You can both go for the Relaxation Massage for Two, available in our Moments for Two Gift Box


Go for the Gold with We Wander!

Whether it’s 50th birthday presents for mum, dad or for your best friend or sister or your brother, it is really best to sprinkle your gifts with a touch of gold. By gold we mean giving them the best of the bests! From once-in-a-lifetime exciting adventures to relaxation-filled experiences and countryside escapades, We Wander has something “golden” for them. Wherever you are in Australia, you’re sure that with our WeWa experience gift boxes, you’ll see them genuinely smile on their special day.

Give a thoughtful gift with a personalised message. It will make the difference!

You can choose between sending a physical gift box or an e-box which will be sent via email. The best thing with a physical box is the eco-friendly packaging – 100% made in OZ. But either way, you can make it extra beautiful by personalising it. At check out, you will have the choice to include a personalised message in our beautiful cards or you can record a video message for them in our BananaLab App. How cool is that?


Looking for quick or last-minute birthday gift delivery? Check out our options for birthday gift delivery Australia wide.

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