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Offer an Experience Gift Box and let them select their prepaid experience from hundreds of options across Australia. Comes with 3 years validity.
Offer an Experience Gift Box and let them select their prepaid experience from hundreds of options across Australia. Comes with 3 years validity.
The Best Gifts for Grandparents

The Best Gifts for Grandparents

Struggling for some gift ideas for your grandparents? Looking for a gift for a grandparent that’s got it all? Perhaps you’re looking for a personalised Christmas gift for your grandma or grandpa? If you are, you’re in the right place- we’ve got it covered!

Sometimes our grandparents have so many things, they’ve had a lifetime of gift giving and receiving, so what makes a christmas gift for your grandma or grandpa truly special? Making it a thoughtful gift for your grandparents.

We Wander Experience Gift Boxes are a very special gift for Christmas, and guaranteed that we have an experience your grandparents will love! We have some absolutely beautiful experiences for you to all enjoy together; showing them how much you care by spending some quality time together.

Our grandparents are some of the most important people in our lives, and they deserve to be spoiled too. They always know the best Christmas presents to give you, so this festive season let’s make sure that your christmas gift for grandpa and your christmas gift for grandma really make them smile. Let’s give grandma and grandpa some joy!

So what can we give our Grandparents?

Glad you asked! Read on for some of our best ideas for gifts for grandparents at Christmas. Each of these epic experiences are pre-paid so they can’t insist on paying (we know how they are!), plus we’ve got 4 great categories to pick from: Wellness, Escape, Adventure and Lifestyle. We’ve got something for every kind of grandparent in Australia. All vouchers are valid for 3 years.

Each box has a personalised message and is also eco-friendly, so it’s great if you’re looking for a sustainable christmas present for your grandparents!

What do grandparents really want for Christmas?

One way to really make them smile is to get some personalised gifts for your grandparents, especially if it’s an experience they’ll never forget! How about a Golf & Winery Tour? Or a Guided Gin Tasting Experience? Both of these are great experiences for them to do together, and with you.

golf experience australia

What should I get my grandma for Christmas 2022?

How about spending a cosy afternoon together making some soy candles? Or treating her to a day of luxury and pampering with a full body spa day?

What is a good gift for an elderly grandparent?

Our grandparents may be elderly, but we know some of them seem to have way more energy than we do! If your grandpa or grandma is still getting up and getting about then how taking them up to the Hunter Valley for a wine and grazing afternoon? Or perhaps you’d like to really show them some love, and send them up for a helicopter ride for two?

wine tasting experience asutralia

What do you get grandmothers for Christmas?

How about a premium wine experience? Let’s make grandma feel extra special, because she absolutely deserves it.

If your grandma is a bit more of a foodie, how about treating her to a dinner experience she’ll never forget? We could do an oyster tasting (and eating!) experience! Or a gorgeous upscale dinner for two? We have two really lovely dinner experiences- which do you think she’d love best?

oyster tasting experience australia

What does grandpa want for Christmas?

We don’t want to stereotype here, but how about an awesome half day fishing charter for two? What a way to spend time together!

Or perhaps grandpa is feeling less active? Check out our awesome options for some chilled experiences.

fishing experience australia

Here at We Wander we love our grandparents, they really are some of the best people in our lives! So let’s show them some love this Christmas!
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