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Aqua Donut, Docklands

Partner Name: Aqua Donut

Address: 84 new quay promenade docklands VIC 300

People: 3

Important update, please read:

Note: This boat is not meant for cruising. From the docks to hook up to yellow buoys in the water. Please be advised.



Weather advisories are given morning on the day of hire to whether or not the wind situation is suitable for activity. This advisory will be sent via email or text.

Weather monitoring is the responsibility of Aqua Donut and the Hirer. If at any point Aqua Donut representative feels that the weather is not appropriate for safe sailing, we reserve the right to cancel the charter and defer to a later time. No refund is permitted.

On State Mandated cancellations:
For cancellations mandated by the state due to health safety reasons (i.e Covid 19 lockdown and restrictions), if the booking has been cancelled, we reserve the right to defer to a later time. No refund is permitted.

If you're not satisfied with our AquaDonut and returned the boat within 30 minutes, a full refund will be provided.



You'sd say, 'A blue-coloured donut or, maybe a toy!/strong>

We'sd say, 'Nope!/strong>

'Aqua Donut' is a boat, a circular one, similar to the deep-fried ring-shaped luscious dessert we all love to bite into. But you can bite while on it! Confusing?

'Aqua Donut' is a floating device with a barbeque station to enable a unique dining experience as one sways along the picturesque area of Docklands. Back in countries like Dubai, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, UK, US and Canada such floating vessels, popular as barbeque boats, are a major tourist attraction. At last, Melbournians can indulge in a similar experience a lot closer to home.

But how can a donut float?

Well, 'coz 'Aqua Donut' isn'st spongy and fluffy like its edible counterpart. This one'ss made of high-end fibre glass so it can seamlessly glide over water. It is electrically powered (nope, the noise won't intrude with the banter and chatter of guests aboard) and has a charcoal BBQ facility in the centre to tantalise your taste buds.

What'ss so exciting about Aqua Donut?

You can rent 'Aqua Donut' to celebrate a special occasion or organise a touristy event for out-of-towners. You can simply laze around on a beautiful morning or gorge juicy kebabs as the sun goes down

What it includes?

  • Upto 10 people on the Aqua Donut. If you have bought a 'Family of 5' Aqua Donut then only 5 people will be allowed.
    Over 12 months of age is counted as a guest.
  • Cutlery, plates and cups
  • BBQ tray and tongs
  • BBQ spray oil
  • Life jackets
The Area

The map displayed in one of the photos is where you can go with your Aqua Donut. From the Start point to the Yellow Buoy, tie up and enjoy the BBQ, and then motor back. Cruising around is not permitted due to safety concerns for our guests.


Please note that we do not allow BBQ use for weather over 40c for safety reasons and customers' comfort.


A $500 bond is required prior to boarding Aquadonut on the day. For credit card bonds, please note that it may take 8-10 business days to fall off. The name on the credit card has to match the hirer's name.

Bad Weather and Strong Winds

Please be advised that if the booking will be cancelled due to bad weather, the booking can only be deferred to a later date up to a year from the time of cancellation. In the event that the management will allow customers to continue use the vessel during strong winds, the umbrella of the vessel needs to be closed and the vessel has to be tied.

Late Arrivals

Please note that for late arrivals, the reservation cannot be extended and need to finish on time. As there might be other customers booked after you. Please arrive on time.


A photo ID and credit card used online must
be brought on the day of activity for verification. The name in the
booking and on the cards presented must match. Otherwise, the booking
will not proceed and the payment will be forfeited.

if using someone else's credit card, the person who owns the credit
card must sign the agreement forms and must be present on the day of the
activity along with the credit card and photo ID for verification.


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